Who is Yangoyo ?

About Yangoyo

Yangoyo PTY LTD is a business consulting firm that focuses on accelerating growth. We improve businesses through data-driven strategies, diagnostics, and structure. In reality, most businesses achieve accelerated growth after understanding all of the factors that drive their businesses and addressing the issues that can stymie growth:

  • Product quality and innovation
  • Capital Access for Growth
  • Compensation
  • Costs of operations
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Geographic coverage
  • Culture in the workplace

What we offer

Why Us?

Our model is straightforward but effective. We begin by assisting you in assessing your current situation. We have a defined and rigorous process for engaging with business owners, executives, and key managers to learn more about both the accelerators and decelerators. Then, we’ll collaborate with you to execute a growth strategy by co-creating a growth vision strategy.

If you’re willing to put in the effort required to achieve rapid growth, and if you’re willing to manage to a process with accountability and consistency, our model will work for you


How we’re Different

We think that excellent teams are frequently adaptable, made up of both internal and external resources working together to carry out a new strategy, grasp new possibilities, introduce a new product, or establish strategic alliances for expansion. We have worked with several clients who got better outcomes faster by working with us.

We don’t bring any prejudices based on organizational history, interpersonal ties, or hierarchical positions. We address problems objectively.

We feel at ease having difficult discussions. We pay attention to the problem rather than the person or organization. We assist you in staying focused. We mediate debates in order to generate solutions.

We gauge our performance based on the results we produce, and we ensure that these results meet your standards for us.

We will update you on our progress and co-own the implementation of solutions. We assist you in keeping your attention on projects and priorities.

We don’t have any preconceived ideas about how long a client engagement should last. We collaborate with you for as long as you require, being as flexible as your business requires.

Due to our price structure, we may work with practically any kind of business, including startups, mid-cap companies, family businesses, and emergent growth companies.

We can expand our capabilities in addition to our experience by hiring experts in:

  • –  Product development and commercialization of technology
  • –  Knowledge of operations and supply chains
  • –  Capital relationships
  • –  Development of websites, digital marketing, social media, advertising, and public relations

    CRM, marketing automation, and sales force automation expansion and growth on a global scale –  Organizational structure

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