The business development staff at Yangoyo has over 15 years of expertise working in a variety of markets and industries. Each of our service areas is backed by extensive training, subject-matter knowledge in business disciplines, hands-on experience in senior management and leadership positions working for businesses.

Our strength is in the place where planning and execution meet. The fields of strategy, marketing, financial modeling, and company growth are under our functional specialization.

Additionally, a strong, effective, and collaborative network of affiliatesprofessionals with noteworthy qualifications and accomplishments in fields that support these practice areassupports our principles.

We will support you in reorganizing, accelerating growth, expanding your business, improving performance, or moving to the next stage regardless of the size or sector of your organization.



How can we assist you in developing and implementing a successful strategy?

Find opportunities to improve performance in the firms’ underperforming areas. Transform your ideas into operational budgets and KPIs so you can assess the progress of your company.

To make sure that these plans are feasible and attainable, subject them to external pressure testing with input from customers, suppliers, rivals, and staff. Hold focus groups with employees to learn about their concerns and support for the idea.

Work with investors and other stakeholders to get their feedback on the plan and to inspire confidence in them to keep investing in your business in the long run. Together, we can transform a vision into actionable strategic goals, corporate objectives, and operational plans.

Determine potential risk areas for your approach and how to manage these risks. Introduce your company to more clients who might be experiencing comparable problems in order to offer peer-to-peer opportunities for strategy input and check-ups.

Find chances for attainable expansion that may not now fit inside the scope of your present operations.

To make sure your business stays on course, conduct routine strategy reviews.



Understanding that growth both tactical and strategic is the first step in developing a growth plan. Strategic because a growth strategy needs to originate at the top and have support from everyone in the company; tactical because a strategy cannot be put into effect without clear action plans and tactics. Our method is thorough and examines your company from the outside in. We will work with you to identify the most significant growth alternatives, rank them in order of importance, and establish what it will take to implement the options you choose. We will particularly focus on the crucial concerns pertaining to the financing of your growth plan.


SEO for Businesses

At Yangoyo, we offer bespoke SEO services integral to our comprehensive business development offerings, understanding the critical importance of a robust online presence in today’s digital landscape. Our approach is highly personalized, ensuring that every SEO strategy we craft aligns precisely with your unique business objectives, from enhancing online visibility to driving organic growth. We delve deep into keyword research, optimizing content meticulously to resonate with both your audience and search engines. Our expertise extends beyond on-page optimization, encompassing off-page strategies to build a solid backlink profile, ensuring all facets of your website contribute to heightened visibility and performance. Moreover, our commitment to your success is reflected in our continuous monitoring and detailed reporting, providing actionable insights and enabling ongoing refinement of strategies. Partner with Yangoyo for SEO services and unlock the full potential of your business in the digital realm.

Marketing & Sales


Creating, conveying, and delivering value to clients, as well as maintaining customer relationships in a way that benefits the business and its stakeholders, are all parts of the organizational function known as marketing. Regardless of the size of the business you are in charge of, you need a solid sales and marketing strategy.

Our services include the following, as an example:

  • –  Creating marketing and sales plans that are customized for your business’s present needs and future goals.

  • –  Using sales and operations planning, we can make sure that production capacity and predictions are in sync.

  • –  Research analysis to produce insights that can be put into practice.

  • –  Evaluations and suggestions for organizational structure.

  • –  Chief Marketing Officers engagements for hire.

  • –  Coaching and training in sales.

  • –  Implementation of CRM (customer relationship management).



Start-up Advisory Service 

We adore collaborating with start-ups. We provide start-up and rising growth companies with a range of services, such as assisting entrepreneurs build the articulation of their value proposition or helping them obtain the funds they deserve from investors.

  • –  Forecasting financial data

  • –  Business expansion

  • –  Creation of a marketing and sales strategy

  • –  Consulting for capital raising and linkages

  • –  Executive interim management

  • –  Development and recruitment for advisory boards




Leadership & Organization


As in all our practice areas, we collaborate with clients on leadership and organizational issues with the goal of creating a sustainable long-term future for your company.

We advocate a strategy that emphasizes development more so than training. Yangoyo specifically works with you and your group to:

  • –  Determine gaps in leadership roles and provide solutions

  • –  Interview business owners, top executives, and other staff members to find out about

    potential for advancement.

  • –  Advise and coach aspiring leaders.

  • –  Analyze the organization’s current structure and suggest adjustments if necessary.

  • –  Act as a sounding board for business owners, important personnel, and other stakeholders.

  • –  Create or enhance performance measurement instruments.

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